Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates
Where even good couples hit walls

Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates
Where even good couples hit walls

We're Here to Listen


We're Here to Listen

About Ardyth

About Ardyth

Ardyth Brock of Ardyth Brock & Associates, Coaching Services has been coaching couples to improve relationships since 1977.  Using healthier communication skills, identifying patterns, getting real and using thought field therapy (tapping), Ardyth supports people in learning how to take down walls that prevent good couples from continuing to love and appreciate each other. 

Good Couples Hit Walls


Couples Therapy


If you have a fundamentally good relationship, but have hit an impasse, a place of frustration … A RUT… there are ways out.   

• It takes some work.
• It definitely takes commitment.
• It takes sincere willingness to get real and own your part.
• It takes being clear about your core values.
• It takes seeing with new perspectives.
…and sometimes it takes support. 



Susan and Bill D.

 " We worked with Ardyth over the phone. It was great! We talked and talked until our situation was resolved. It was wonderful being able to get an appointment right away and not have to travel, deal with traffic or worry about getting a baby sitter!"  

David and Susan Y.

 "We've been married 10 years. We have a 3-year-old child. We still love each other deep down, but we had gotten so angry and exasperated with some of each other's habits and ways that we almost got divorced. We went to Ardyth in desperation. The outcome: We are now celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary and are expecting our second child. We love and respect each other like never before. We see a long and strong life together. We are in a true partnership again." 

Paul and Maria B.

 "Ardyth has seen us through 3 years of dating, 2 years of engagement and building a house. We hit the wall many times during each stage, but Ardyth had the wisdom, the tools and most of all our trust to help us see the underlying issues and make it through. Two years ago Ardyth performed our wedding. We still hit walls once in awhile, but Ardyth has helped to show us how we can grow and become better."  

Angela R.

 "Ardyth helped me through a divorce. We were not a good match. Our core values just weren't the same. We're both good people, but we couldn't be married. Divorce mediation made a huge difference. I have moved on now, and have learned how to communicate and manage in a good and healthy relationship. I am so grateful for Ardyth's guidance!" 

Bob C.

 "I'm a 30-something single guy. I kept picking women that I thought I could save and make better. I needed to be the hero, but it never worked. Thanks to Ardyth's insightful direction, I have finally broken my no-win pattern and am dating a wonderful woman who is mature, self-sufficient and great just the way she is!" 

Gino and Sophia D.

 " I am from Europe. I met Ardyth a couple of years ago when she was in Italia. I am so glad I was able to use her service via Skype. What a wonderful way to reach each other and be able to save our marriage! I don't know if we would have made it without this opportunity.