Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Perhaps you are unhappy at work, changing jobs, or looking for a new career. A few sessions of Career Coaching can make a huge impact. I will help you clarify your ‘ideal job description’, start a new business, rework your resume, reduce fear and anxiety, and/or help you prepare for interview.

Here is what some others have said about career counseling with Ardyth:

“I was working 75-80 hrs a week as a retail manager. I did not have time to have a personal life. When I talked things over with Ardyth, it became clear that I was actually only making about $4 an hour because I put in so many extra hours. It did not take me long to visualize what I really wanted in my career and find a fabulous new position where I actually made $70,000 a year. Thanks Ardyth, our time together was worth every dollar spent! “
Patrick Donatelli

“I am 25. I was working as a receptionist with no options for advancement. My degree is in Marketing. Ardyth helped me clarify my career objectives, make short and long-term plans, set up interviews, and prepare for them. I now have a great new job working with a PR/Marketing Firm. Bonus: Ardyth helped me buy a whole new working wardrobe! I am happy!”
Peggy Grey

“I am an ER doctor. When I became pregnant with our third child, I became exhausted and cranky. I needed to reassess and restructure my life. Ardyth was sharp. She pinpointed some issues I have that kept me from relying on others and from letting in support. She showed me tools to get unstuck. Zoom Zoom… I found a great nanny, cut my hours to ½ time, juggled the family budget, let my husband love and adore me overtime, and I stayed happy and healthy the rest pregnancy.
PS: Our baby daughter is beautiful!”
Dr. June Green