Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit Walls

Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit Walls

Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit WallsWelcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit WallsWelcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit Walls

Corporate Coaching & Training

Corporate Coaching & Training


During her 40-year career, Ardyth has been called upon to work in the corporate arena.
Just as couples, families, and individuals need support and tools to better their lives, so do those at the work place. Competition, service standards, interpersonal dynamics, motivation, innovation, and leadership are aspects in business that constantly need to be addressed and improved. Here you will find a description of many of the programs that Ardyth has designed and delivered.



1• Steps to Success: Annual Goal Achievement
Each year a review and completion is done in this course to prepare for the year to come. Goals are written in 9 categories, allowing an excellent balance for the whole person.

2• Total Quality Management
Deming's principles are interpreted and applied to continually assess, reconsider, become resourceful and improve.

3• Strategies 2001: Exceeding Customer Expectations
Today's customers want more and more, and they want it NOW! It is our job to keep up with the customer's expectations, while still making a profit. This course offers some strategies to succeed.

4• Team Building With Ropes Activities
Ropes Activities are one of the best tools for opening minds and showing insights. This course utilizes activities to show co-workers how to strengthen their team approach.

5• Customer Service/Service Excellence
Excellent service is an art. This training explores the nuances that can make all the difference.

6• Motivating Your Staff
Work can become monotonous, uninspiring, simply a means to make money. This training uses tools and concepts to bring zest and freshness into daily work.

7• Tools for More Effective Communication
The Art of Communication is unlimited. Body language, Personality styles, languaging, and knowing your intended result are just a few of the tools that can make or break our effectiveness as communicators. This training can help make communications easier and more effective anywhere in life.

8• Listening Skills
Like communications in general, listening is proactive. How you participate as a listener can determine your success as a leader, as a companion, as a coworker, as a friend, as a parent. This training offers skills both, tried and true as well as cutting edge.

9• Telephone Excellence
There are still just too many people out there who put us on hold with out asking. People who keep us on hold for too long. People who do not really listen, and who sing song in our ears like robots. Telephone excellence is extremely important. This course is a place to tighten ship and upgrade our telephone skills.

10• Do You Have A Book In You?
This course is jam-packed with invaluable tools and tips for beginning writers and established writers. If you are thinking of writing and have been putting it off, or if you are a writer and are struggling to get published, or, if you are an established writer but need some new ideas and direction, then This Course is for you! The information provided may well make the difference between being published and not even getting a chance.

11• Leadership Development
To be a strong and respected leader takes continual work and personal growth. This course offers crisp communication skills, insight techniques and straight forward, progressive styles of directing others. Same 'ole same ole' will get you just that. To be a leader of the future you will need to step way outside the box, and this course is the place to learn how to do that with the tools needed for the task.

12• Leadership: Modeling the Way
If you cannot walk your talk, then do not bother trying to lead. It just does not work. Leaders must model what they expect of others. Core values are the "Ten Commandments" for effective leadership. In this course, we will assess your core values as a leader and apply them to your company's core competencies.

13• Staying Inspired as a Leader
This is a tall order. Inspiration is a foundation in a leader's life. Where do great leaders find continual inspiration? What can you do if you miss the mark and loose your inspiration? This course will offer you insights into daily inspiration that can have a ripple- effect for years.

14• Coaching
Coaching is the buzzword of the year. Bottom line: we all need guidance and direction from time to time. This course offers useful approaches to giving advice, giving feedback, redirecting, and skills for being an effective mentor.

15• Conflict Management
Conflict happens, even among people with the very best of intentions. The question is how do we manage the conflict. This course offers Golden Rules for Mediation and 14 Keys for Resolving Conflict. We could all use this one.

16• Developing a Low-Stress Work Style
Get a life. That is right. Get a life of balance, time, humor, fun, planning, resourcefulness, innovation, creativity, cooperation, reasonable workloads, teamwork, and good communications. These are but a few of the ways this course can help you reduce work-related stress.

17• Managing with Consistency
In this time of the continually changing workplace, creating consistency becomes increasingly more challenging. Management skills can be updated and improved and still be relatively consistent. Core values are the answer. This class is designed to build that foundation, so that change can come and go and your business with hold steadfast.

18• Clear Values = Clear Choices
I cannot think of anything more impactful than Core Values. Each person, each department, each business speaks in a language of Core Values. How do we identify and/or adjust our Core Values. Some companies call it Core Competencies. Same thing. When our values are clear, our choices are easy, and that goes for management, leadership, employment, and employment. This course is about establishing core values and putting them to work for your company, your people, and your customer.

19• Presentation Skills for the Service Industry ProfessionalThe service industry: Hospitality, Airlines, Restaurants, Medical, Dental, etc. We all serve each other. How we provide that is service is what is in question. Can you answer a quiz rating your service style and get 100%? If not, this course is for you.

20• Presentation Skills for Professionals
Words represent only 7% of our communications. That is amazing!
What about the other 93%? This course is an opportunity to revisit your presentation style, its effectiveness and tips for improvement.

21• The Art of Giving & Receiving
In order to graciously give, one must also be able to graciously receive. How do you understand the essence of service if you have not been served? This course combines the art of giving and receiving in order to better serve your customers, hence bringing about greater customer satisfaction, loyalty, and increasing bottom line dollars.

22• Making Peace with the Hostile Customer
People want to be heard. That is the bottom line. Making peace with a hostile customer requires giving them the right to vent, air their concerns and upsets and finally, be assured that something positive is going to come from their conversations with you. It is not hard. It just takes willingness to truly listen, some skills, and willingness to actually make a difference.

23• Know When to Shut The Door on Open-Door Policy
The open door policy is important. It gives employees and co-workers the opportunity to be heard. However, boundaries are still important. This course helps show the leader how to set these boundaries and still be available.

24• Career Choices: How to Weather Change
Change is inevitable. Making way for change is the best way to survive it. This class offers ten tips for finding the silver lining when you must face change at your workplace.

25• Family Dynamics in The Work Place
Know it or not, believe it or not, we superimpose the roles of our families onto our coworkers. This course will show you how to recognize when this happens and even more importantly some tips about how to deal with this kind of family dynamic.


1. Service Excellence
Excellent service is an art. This training explores what it is that can make all the difference between mediocrity and customer delight. The joy of service comes from understanding the value of who you are and what you do. Do not just show up for work, seize the opportunity to love what you do, I increase your personal satisfaction and income and build a family of happy customers.

2. Advanced Training in Service Excellence
You know the basics. You have been in the service industry awhile, but how do you keep your customers coming back? How do you grow as a professional server? How do you create a personal relationship that has them asking for you by name. This program is designed to help you raise the bar and become outstanding at what you do.

3. The Fine Art of Up-Selling
This program brings your customers satisfaction, exceptional dining experiences. It brings you much larger tips and income. It helps the restaurant significantly increase the bottom line. Everyone wins.

4. Working as a Team 
Perhaps not everyone is cooperating.
The kitchen, the bus-people, the managers, the owners?
Does it sometimes seem like you are competing and working against each other. Is there ‘attitude’ to and from one another? Have resentments built up. Are there effective systems in place? Are they working? This program brings everyone together. It is experiential and makes it possible to observe the destructive product that comes from lack of cooperation. The glitches become blatantly clear. In addition, the success and pleasures of working as a team become obvious … something everyone benefits from. With the right approach, becoming a cohesive team can become easy and natural.


• A Refresher Course in How to Say NO
• Self Esteem & You
• A Refresher Course in How to Be Honest & Tactful
• Managing Emotional Pain
• The Woman in You (For Women Only)
• The Road Home
• Movement as Tools for Growth
• Writing as Tools for Growth
• Art as Tools for Growth
• Music as Tools for Growth
• Recovery From Burnout
• Breakthrough
• Communication Styles You Can Count On
• Choices
• The Rainbow of Emotions
• Balance: Mind*Body*Emotions*Spirit
• A Simple & Practical Approach to Financial Independence - A Layperson’s Easy Start to Investing
• Intensive Personal Evolution Program -A long-term group approach


• Baskets from Local Fibres
• Baskets with Color
• Color & Creativity
• Texture & Creativity


• How to Have Awesome Talks W/ Parents
• How to become a Millionaire with $25.00
• When to Keep a Secret & When to Tell
• Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll
• What Does the Future Hold for You
• Cool Tips on How to Get Better Grades

Some of the Companies Ardyth has provided with training programs include:

• Allegany Chamber of Commerce
• Allstate Insurance Company
• Bank of Hawaii
• Brock Steel Company
• Crater Hill School
• Gaylord’s at Kilohana - Restaurant
• Hawaii State Chamber of Commerce
• Hawaiian Airlines
• Hawaiian Electric Company
• Hawaii Tug & Barge/Young Brothers
• Huffman Drake Realtors
• Hyatt Regency Hotels & Resorts
• Kapiolani Community College
• Kauai Chamber of Commerce
• Kauai Community Players
• Kauai Electric
• Kilauea Agronomics Incorporated, Guava Plantation
• Lihue Lutheran Church
• Small Business Development Center
• Sheraton Hotels & Resorts
• The Shidler Group - Real Estate & Development
• Stiglmeier, Oberg & Company, CPA’s
• U.S. Bank Corp
• United States Army
• University of Hawaii
• Westin Hotels & Resorts
• Windward Community College
• Winners’ Camp
• World Book International