Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching


My practice began with one-on-one coaching. Throughout life, most of us need support at one time or another. There are countless reasons why. 

What ever your specific reasons are for wanting to talk, please have the wisdom, courage, and humility to reach out for support. I work with clients both on the telephone and face to face. We often use email for quick notes and sending writing assignments. When I work with couples, I usually recommend that each person come to talk individually as well. Being able to speak openly, privately, frankly and intimately to a trained and caring professional is irreplaceable.

In a confidential and private environment, I listen with skill helping you to gain insight into your core thoughts, patterns, and communication styles. With years of practice and wisdom I am able to help you prioritize what your needs are and what your immediate focus is. Together we design an individualized program for your specific needs.

My sessions are flexible. Rather than the traditional, 50-minute-hour I stay with you in each session until there is a sense of completion and accomplishment. Sessions generally last 1-3 hours. I am also available for phone support in between sessions. From time to time, something other than individual sessions are helpful and appropriate, for this reason I offer PRIVATE INTENSIVES.

1 Day, 3 Day, and 5 day formats are available. These powerful sessions are designed for very rapid change and transformation while working together for 8-12 hours at a time. The clarity and energy builds upon itself hour after hour. Together we uncover and dissolve underlying unconscious barriers and longstanding limiting thoughts, patterns and belief structures.