Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit Walls

Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit Walls

Welcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit WallsWelcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit WallsWelcome to Ardyth Brock & Associates Where Even Good Couples Hit Walls




"I have known Ardyth for over 20 years. She is a truth-seeker, and a diplomatic, compassionate, and clear messenger of truths that set people free."
--Pam Chambers, Presentation Coach

“We met Ardyth when our marriage hit the wall and divorce knocked on the only door in that wall. Ardyth taught us how to put everything back in neutral and rediscover our love for each other. With her techniques, she eliminated our anger and put everything in to perspective. We relearned how to treat each other as partners and lovers and not as enemies. We also really liked that her sessions came to a natural stopping point and did not stop just because the time was up. We will definitely work with her again and refer her to anybody who needs to make any life changing decisions.”
--Susanne & James Blakey (RA, ABR, CHMS)

“I have worked with Ardyth in long-term intensive programs, daylong seminars, and one on one sessions. Ardyth has always been very insightful into my "stuff” and has always provided me with much needed guidance and equipped me with tools to alleviate issues and enhance my life. I recommend her highly. “    
--Haunani Kauka, LMT, Minister

“Ardyth asks those leading questions, you know, those uncomfortable questions that if we are honest with ourselves we already know the answers to. She does this with clear insight, intuition and love in her own inimitable, firm yet gentle manner. She knows when to push and when to sit back and let the story unfold by itself. You have a session with Ardyth and you know the truth for yourself, she is brilliant at turning on the light bulbs in the dark recesses of our consciousness so that we can allow ourselves to shine. “
--Maggie Saxon, Public Relations Consultant

“My first interaction with Ardyth was nearly 27 years ago. She was a practitioner in a 6 month training that I was a student in. Her kind, loving, supportive ways allowed me to surrender to the healing I was so much in need of. The journey was amazing for me it gave me a new life and a new career. I am forever grateful. I am blessed to count Ardyth among my close and beloved friends and colleagues.”
--Diane Jennings Relationship Coach, Vancouver Canada

  “Ardyth began her training with us in 1977. Over the past thirty plus years, she has proven herself a dedicated and highly skilled coach and trainer with a warm and open heart. She is adept at empowering her clients in mastering the principles and practices of fulfillment most needed and wanted in their lives.  Coaching with Ardyth will certainly exceed your expectations!”
--Paul and Layne Cutright
Relationships Educators

“Ardyth was trained by some of the most compassionate and intelligent personalities in the field of personal growth and transformation. Ardyth absorbed teaching methods, learned seminar leadership, and was exposed to state of the art psychological techniques. However, Ardyth’s talent of being able to give direction and guidance to people as individuals or couples is innate to her, something that can never be bestowed upon, or taught to, a person lacking Ardyth’s intuitiveness and compassion. I have always experienced Ardyth Brock as a strong and kind person, and a natural helper and healer.“
--Rafael Montserrat, Contractor, Author

"I have known Ardyth personally and professionally for more than 25 years. During that time, I have sought out Ardyth's counsel on many occasions. I always leave our conversations with new ideas and possibilities that are both practical and expansive. I am inspired and uplifted when we talk and always leave with a profound sense of hope. Ardyth creates a great space in her work for me to pour out whatever is on my mind and in my heart and know that, regardless of my issues, I will be treated with dignity and respect."
--Dennis DuRoff, Business Coach, Management Consultant, Speaker

"I have worked with Ardyth for years on seminar presentations, instruction manuals, and promotional materials. A forager for authenticity, Ardyth will help you articulate and express your vision with a minimum of stress and a maximum of laughter."
--Lois (Suji) Hochenauer-Fox, Teacher, Author, children's book Sunny and Wondrous, Cat Cousins 

"Ardyth is an exceptional counselor who has developed a remarkable
'toolbox' of skills. She is a vehicle of transformation at a depth
that impacts ones life positively on all levels. She brings wisdom,
humor, and great compassion into the therapeutic relationship that
allows the healing journey to be as ease-filled as possible. Ardyth
has reached the level of mastery in her profession and is a gift to
the counseling community."            

"Sometimes a little clarity can go a long way. Ardyth is very
masterful at helping individuals gain clarity and understanding where
there is often confusion and mixed emotions. Additionally, her warmth
and encouragement are very refreshing. I always feel better about
myself after talking to Ardyth."
--Peggy Maxwell-Luke, Ceridian, Director of Marketing

"Ardyth has been a blessing in my life. She has opened my mind and
soul to a new beginning of life. I feel that her genuine caring and
giving heart has made her the wonderful woman she is and would highly recommend her to anyone in need."
--Jeanette Grace, Business Owner, Honolulu

“I have been consulting with Ardyth for at least 20 years now. We began our professional relationship in 1987.She has helped me through some very rough times. I maintain contact with Ardyth as a personal consultant and she has always been ready, willing and able to assist me both in a personal and professional manner.”
--Gigi Manawis, Owner, Permanent Elegance

"Ardyth has a way of gently yet efficiently getting to the point, she
even gets to points you never even knew you needed to get to. Then
you feel relieved that someone is there to check all the points,
angles and concerns that needed resolution… I am speaking of your
coaching, counseling, marriage, and editing services.”

“I saw Ardyth at a time when I was very low. She was compassionate,
knowledgeable, and easy to talk with. I immediately felt I was in
good hands… and indeed I was. Thank you Ardyth for not only your expertise, but for your heart. With much respect, admiration, and gratitude,”
--Barbara Roman, Artist, Teacher

In my experience of working with Ardyth over the past eighteen years,
I have always found her to be professional and caring in all that she
undertakes. She genuinely cares about helping others overcome blocks
from their past in order to enable them to move forward in their
--Koana Smith, Retired Teacher

Ardyth is one of the kindest people I know. She has the unique
ability to concentrate on others, recognize their needs, and then
find ways to fill them without ever making others feel uncomfortable
or obligated.
--Carolyn Hiatt, Educator, LeJardin

"Ardyth Brock is a warm and compassionate counselor. She utilizes
many effective tools and techniques to open your mind in order to
heal your heart. After my sessions with her, I felt empowered and
clear-minded. The extended time of the sessions allowed me to gain a
deep understanding of my circumstances without feeling hurried out
the door. I would recommend her to anyone truly seeking to improve
their lives."
--Samantha Smith, M.Ac

“Over the years, I have had to seek the guidance of a few counselors.
None have been as effective in getting the kind of results that
Ardyth has produced. She is direct, but kind and compassionate. She
asks the right questions and brings out those things that are deep
down in one’s soul. The setting is clean and comfortable. Ardyth was
instrumental in saving my marriage and helped me to look at life
through different lenses. She is a true professional and knows how to
handle sensitive issues. She is a great person and counselor. In
seeking her professional advice, I have gained a
--Stanley Lum, Director, RA

I very much want to thank you for all your support when we needed you the most. As you well-know our family has had its ups and downs the last few years. With your skill at taking the confusion out of
difficult situations and replacing them with understanding and
clarity I am in your debt. Many Mahalos,  
--Steve Whitty, Whitty Construction

"Ardyth offers the best kind of listening  ...  a combination of
compassion and empowerment. Counsel with Ardyth led me to ask
questions of myself, which take me to the heart of the matter.
Profound trust in life and in my own integrity have been the fruits
of our work together.  Ardyth is generous with her gifts and her
--Betsy Bowen
Principal, Job corps, Maui, Teacher