What is Counseling?


"Counselors attend to most normal social, cultural, and developmental issues as well as the problems associated with physical, emotional, and mental issues. Counseling is a meeting between coach and client in which creative possibilities and productive dialogue occur. Counseling encourages self-help as a resource for positive change. What a good counselor usually does: Listen effectively to what you are saying. Interject when it is useful and appropriate. Facilitate the untangling of thoughts, feelings and worries about a situation. Offer you insight into how you act, think, feel, how you come across and into your personal patterns. Teach, show and help you express your emotions in your own way. Teach, show and help you work out your own solutions to problems. Teach, show and help you accept what cannot be changed. Teach, show, help, and support you and your relationships. Use a variety of techniques to help you explore what is truly important to you.�

Who comes to Ardyth?


Perhaps you/your relationship are in CRISIS. You don't know what to
do or where to turn. Perhaps you are at the last straw. You are
considering divorce. Perhaps one of you has already begun the
proceedings. You are overwhelmed, confused, hurt. Communication has become impossible.
Perhaps You have children. They are in the middle of the conflict.
You want to do what is best for them, but things are such a mess
and have gotten ugly.


Perhaps someone has had an affair. One of you feels betrayed,
angry, unable to work it through. One of you feels guilty,
defensive, trapped.


Perhaps things have gotten petty and unhappy. You blame each other. You make each other wrong. You complain but don't get what you want or need. You feel as though you cannot make her happy no matter how hard you try.


That someone doesn't listen or doesn't care.

Perhaps you can't figure out where the love and romance has gone.
Perhaps you don't have time for each other, or if you do have time,
it's just not fun being together anymore.

Perhaps you are just downright unhappy.


Perhaps outside circumstances are putting stress and strain on your
otherwise good relationship. Perhaps work is too demanding. New
family members are changing your lives. New baby. Elder parent.
Illness. Job change. Co-parenting w/ an ex-spouse.


Perhaps you've JUST HIT A WALL.

You consider yourselves a good couple, but things have gotten dull,
in a rut, boring. Mostly your lives are about logistics. You can't
find much to really talk about or enjoy together. Your lives are
mostly about the kids. You are wondering where the passion and
romance went. You wonder if there isn't more. You wonder if this is
the way it will be from now on. Same old same ole'.


People come to Ardyth for all of these reasons and more.

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