Words of Wisdom

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”

James M. Barrie (1860 - 1937)

"We met Ardyth when our marriage hit the wall and divorce knocked on the only door in that wall. Ardyth taught us how to put everything back in neutral and rediscover our love for each other. With her techniques, she eliminated our anger and put everything in to�perspective. We relearned how to treat each other as partners and lovers and not as enemies. We also really liked that her sessions came to a natural stopping point and did not stop just because the time was up. We will definitely work with her again and refer her to anybody who needs to make any life changing decisions." --Susanne & James Blakey

What is Counseling?


"Counselors attend to most normal social, cultural, and developmental issues as well as the problems associated with physical, emotional, and mental issues. Counseling is a meeting between coach and client in which creative possibilities and productive dialogue occur. Counseling encourages self-help as a resource for positive change. What a good counselor usually does: Listen effectively to what you are saying. Interject when it is useful and appropriate. Facilitate the untangling of thoughts, feelings and worries about a situation. Offer you insight into how you act, think, feel, how you come across and into your personal patterns. Teach, show and help you express your emotions in your own way. Teach, show and help you work out your own solutions to problems. Teach, show and help you accept what cannot be changed. Teach, show, help, and support you and your relationships. Use a variety of techniques to help you explore what is truly important to you.�

Marriage and Wedding Services

Ardyth has been assisting couples since 1977 with Weddings, Ceremonies, and Relationship Coaching. Sensitive, good humored and a savvy wordsmith, she will gladly help you design
your unique and special ceremony.

When needed, Ardyth is broadly experienced to help you through Your Relationship Journey. Even the Best Couples Hit Walls, so please reach out, especially when your relationship needs
a bit of Rescue during the challenging times.

Please call for Wedding, Commitment and
Re-Commitment Ceremonies.

Available to travel to the site of your Ceremony.
Fees quoted according to services desired.


"Our wedding was a dream come true. After coaching us thru 4 years of dating, Ardyth helped us write our vows. She has a way of saying exactly what we truly feel toward one another. Our vows were a reinforcement of our love and purpose in being together." Robin and Geoffrey H.

"Ardyth put us at ease. The wedding jitters were so strong for both of us. Even though we had never met her before, her warm and calming nature was so reassuring. She had us laughing with tears of joy. We had so much fun saying our vows... it was a perfect start to our lives together!" Dana and Steve W.

"We decided in the moment to get married while weekending in the wine country! We found Ardyth via the Sonoma Valley Visitor Center. She met with us, officiated our commitment and shared in our excitement. We've been together 33 years, and just said YES right here and now! Thanks Ardyth, you are great!" David S. and Peter A.

"We love Ardyth Brock. She spent 6 hours with us creating our very own ceremony and coaching us. She helped us write a mission statement for our relationship and gave us two great books and a slew of tools to help us with communications. We feel strong, prepared and more in love than ever. We are so excited to be married!" George and Courtney S.